Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25.  If they can erupt unobstructed, no issues will arise.  A number of problems can occur, however, if they are impacted or their eruption is incomplete. Incomplete eruption of wisdom teeth can lead to food and bacteria becoming trapped under a flap of gum tissue, resulting in a localised gum infection known as peri-coronitis.  


In cases of impacted wisdom teeth, a food trap can form between the wisdom tooth and the second molar, this makes home hygiene almost impossible and can lead to loss of the second molar if untreated. Some of these issues can be managed in the short term by flushing and cleaning the problem areas but many of them will not resolve unless the offending tooth is removed.


Removal of wisdom teeth can be performed at Eagleby Dental under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic in day surgery. The procedures may vary from surgical removal to a simple extraction and many of our patients have found it more painless and straight forward than they had imagined.  Contact us about a no-obligation wisdom tooth consult today.