General Services


A dental bridge is a fixed option for replacing missing teeth.  It involves preparation of the teeth either side of a space to serve as support for the tooth replacement.  The entire bridge is made of a tooth-coloured ceramic, making them quite difficult to distinguish from natural teeth.  Bridges are a particularly good choice when the supporting teeth are already heavily restored and would benefit from the protection offered by crowns.  



Removable dentures are a cost effective option to replace multiple missing teeth.  They restore any missing teeth in the mouth and enable you to eat and speak properly.  Many people are familiar with acrylic full dentures but other choices are available if less than a full mouth of teeth needs replacing.  Speak to us about chrome partial dentures or single-tooth valplast dentures if you are after a removable option for missing teeth.  We can also advise you on fixed, permanent, tooth replacements at Eagleby Dental. 


Denture repair and maintenance is also available here.  Do you put up with an ill-fitting or uncomfortable denture?  Rather than leaving it unloved in a drawer, let us perform the maintenance required to have you eating comfortably again.  We may be able to repair dentures that are loose, broken or have missing teeth.  We also reline older dentures that have lost their fit over time.  



Mouthguards are an important safeguard against trauma and injury to the teeth during sport.  Professionally made, custom, mouthguards offer a number of advantages over the cheaper over-the-counter alternatives.  They are uniformly thicker, offering a higher level of protection and are more comfortable to wear due to a better fit around the gums, cheeks and lips. Our team is able to make a custom-fitted mouthguard after taking impressions of your teeth.  Let us recommend the most appropriate mouthguard for your sport and risk level.  Our comfortable, custom-fitted mouthguards have maximum resistance to being dislodged, yet still allow you to talk and breathe normally.