A crown is a strong dental restoration that can be thought of as a little ‘helmet’ for the tooth.  Our teeth play an important role in cutting, grinding and chewing our food.  When you consider this, along with the fact that for its size, your jaw muscles are the strongest muscles in your body, your teeth need to be capable of withstanding huge amounts of force!  Now, a natural, healthy, decay-free tooth will have no problems dealing with this much pressure each day, however, teeth can become severely weakened by decay or wear over a long period of time.  When a tooth is missing a lot of its natural structure, it becomes much more prone to breaking, which can lead to very uncomfortable, painful, or even embarrassing situations!  


In order to prevent this, a heavily restored or badly broken down tooth can be protected with a crown.  A crown is a type of indirect restoration.  What this means is that it is hand crafted for you in a dental laboratory, rather than being created on the spot.  Modern crowns are often made of porcelain, a tooth-coloured dental ceramic, which can be made to look and feel exactly like a natural tooth.  Another alternative is gold, which feels just as good and is very tooth-friendly.  


Where are crowns at Eagleby Dental made?

Not all crowns are the same.  Although they can sometimes look similar, machine made crowns, or crowns made overseas often have different tolerances, which can affect two very important factors: their strength and more importantly their fit.  Ill-fitting crowns can actually trap decay, leading to destruction of the teeth they are supposed to protect!  At Eagleby Dental, Dr Louwen Heng and his team only fit crowns designed and created by an experienced, Australian, dental ceramicist so you can be assured that your teeth are protected for as long as possible.